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MapSwipe analytics

Swiping with MapSwipe is just the beginning. Access a full suite of tools to help you understand where in the world MapSwipe projects are underway and how MapSwipers are making contributions to OpenStreetMap. See all of the analytics tools here.


MapSwipe Analytics allows you to engage with an interactive dashboard where you can see in-progress and completed MapSwipe projects around the world. Track the progress of certain projects, see the overall percentage complete and number of users, and see the level of agreement between users on where features are located.

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Use MapSwipe Live to see the latest contributions from users around the world. Display MapSwipe Live in the background of your next MapSwipe-a-thon to show live progress and interactions with the projects.

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Having a MapSwipe-a-thon and want to create a friendly competition? Want to know where you stand in a sea of nearly 30,000 other MapSwipers? We recently launched the MapSwipe Leaderboard, allowing users like you to see the distance you have swiped and the number of objects you have found. Use the Search function to find your username and get started.

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About MapSwipe data

This project is part of the OpenStreetMap community. The goal is high-quality geographical data, freely accessible and available to everyone. OSM’s reciprocal license protects the data from being appropriated by services that do not share back to OSM.

MapSwipe is released under a "liberal" non-reciprocal license (Creative Commons Attribution). This only requires that users acknowledge the source. You can do whatever you want with the data, just make sure to credit the MapSwipe contributors.