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MapSwipe projects are requested by organizations and communities working all over the world. Use this interactive map to see where MapSwipe projects have taken place.

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Swiping is just the beginning -- MapSwipe data is created by our users and accessible to the entire community. Use the MapSwipe data dashboards below the see where we've mapped, which organizations are requesting data, and how many individuals contribute to our impact. When using MapSwipe data, all you have to do is credit the MapSwipe contributors. If you need more information or if you have a special request related to MapSwipe data get in contact with the team at the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology

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Dataset Name Data Type Dataset Description
Projects overview CSV Information on all projects
Projects with geometry GeoJSON Information on all projects with the project geometry
Projects with centroid GeoJSON Information on all projects with the project centroid


Having a MapSwipe-a-thon and want to create a friendly competition? Want to know where you stand in a sea of nearly 30,000 other MapSwipers? We recently launched the MapSwipe Leaderboard, allowing users like you to see the distance you have swiped and the number of objects you have found. Use the Search function to find your username and get started.

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Our License

This project is part of the OpenStreetMap community. The goal is high-quality geographical data, freely accessible and available to everyone. OSM’s reciprocal license protects the data from being appropriated by services that do not share back to OSM.

MapSwipe is released under a "liberal" non-reciprocal license (Creative Commons Attribution). This only requires that users acknowledge the source. You can do whatever you want with the data, just make sure to credit the MapSwipe contributors.