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MapSwipe harnesses the collective strength of volunteers to actively contribute to geospatial data projects. From identifying infrastructure to tracking environmental changes and validating map data, MapSwipers help improve map data across the world.
As a result, our MapSwipe partners are better equipped and informed to engage and support communities globally.
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Our volunteers contribute to three different project types.
Swipe through satellite images to identify & select those that contain the requested features such as buildings, roadways, waterways and more.
Review before and after satellite images to detect changes in the environment that help inform damage assessment, climate change, or inaccurate data.
Assess building footprints for accuracy where buildings have been previously traced by remote mappers or through AI to identify where remapping is needed.

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News & updates

Investing in MapSwipe: Humanitarian technology, virtual volunteering, and maps for good
To bolster and expand the impact of MapSwipe, the American Red Cross has supported upgrades to the app.
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Tallying the contributions of the MapSwipe community
We are excited that the American Red Cross has supported the development and launch of new functionalities for contribution analytics including the concept of groups which allow users to aggregate tallies of their efforts.
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Change detection analysis in response to Cyclone Batsirai Madagascar
To respond to the cyclone emergency in Madagascar, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) used a new MapSwipe method developed by the Heidelberg Institute of Geoinformation Technology (HeiGIT) and Laurent Savaete, a long-time MapSwipe software engineer.
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MapSwipe is part of the Missing Maps Project and is managed by a volunteer-led team with support from these organizations.
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